I don't remember falling in love with making things. It might be inherently in my blood.  I've been sewing since I was a little girl, and always fascinated with clay until my first class at 17. Then it was instant infatuation, which will never abate.


At 20, I began to study at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, and followed my passions together, majoring in Ceramics and minoring in Fibre arts.  Four years later I emerged exhausted and excited, and am now a loving determined maker.


My work is based on function. I come from a strong, yet small family of determined women, who find great joy in making things with their hands. The sense of purpose that comes from a handbuilt thing is immeasurable.


Currently, my makings have a retro and playful feeling to them, with a lot of color, no doubt enhanced by the presence of two very special little people in my life who help refresh my inner child daily. I focus feverishly on polka dots and stripes in ceramics when decorating my works.


My sculptural works in Ceramics are more loosely based on a fantasy themed fascination. They include pieces of my childhood, and many found textures, enhanced by imagery from fairy tales and stories.


When quilting, I tend towards highlighting fabrics using white and black as borders enhancing the fabrics instead of the quilt pattern. By working around a given fabric itself to enhance it's beauty, the quilt takes on a life of its own, much like how it claims it's final destination. Most are given, few are sold.

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