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Cloth is warm and enveloping. Color schemes evoke different feelings of comfort and reminiscence.


My most vibrant memory of my aunt living in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast is going to visit her when I was 14. I traveled all the way there from Calgary and fell in love with the scrap quilt that was on the spare bed I was to inhabit for the duration of spring break.


I made my first quilt when I was 20 at AUAD after teaching myself how to patch on a scrap family quilt for about 10 years. To count, there have been over 130 quilts I have machine-sewn and quilted by hand.  


In our home, each quilt has a memory and a feeling associated with it, as well as a weight. We have many to choose from and are honored by the feelings and memories that enclose us when we are beneath them. 

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